Not having time is a reflection of unclear priorities. 

Here are my priorities, the things I put time and energy into.  I practice these things and look for opportunities for them to overlap and reinforce each other.

1. Life.  Living, breathing, moving, eating and sleeping – mind, body and soul. Food has been featured pretty heavily of late.  I'm a seeker of a solid philosophy of life.

2. Family. The people who really matter the most to me.  I'm a husband, father, son and brother in the middle of a big American family.  We have gun nuts, lego ninja warriors and rock lickers.  We've got it all.

3. Work. What I do to support my higher priorities, and how I frame my professional life as a UX designer. Maybe you're interested in my professional links and ramblings.  Follow me down the rabbit hole on my Dev-Tempered-UX collection.  

4. Community. The interdependent network of friends, neighbors, parents and other people around me.

5. Other stuff.

Contact me about whatever you like, or follow some of the links to the pages where you can find one of my top priorities.  I love to get excited about new and pioneering ideas that need to be built or expanded.  Just try to keep off of #5.




Atypical post-it installation

Atypical post-it installation

Far more typical post-it installation

Far more typical post-it installation